Many people,when searching for the purchase of a water

filter,start their quest as they have discovered that the

water supplied by the net in their area is hard.

Indeed this is a problem,because hard water causes many

problems to the piping net ,to electric fuses of washing

machines and dishwashers,to faucet heaters,home

heating systems,boilers etc.Another problem is that hard

water makes it impossible for shampoos and soaps to

foam.When people wash their hair they realize that it

becomes blur while conditioners become less effective.

What people do not know though is that hard water is

desirable as drinking water up to a certain extent.

Let's try to explain as simply as possible what Hardness

of the Water means.

By the term Water Hardness we mainly mean the

aggregate of dissolved Calcium and Magnesium Salts.

There are two types of Hardness:


A) Carbonate Hardness(or temporary hardness)which is

caused due to carbonate and bicarbonate salts in water.


B)Non carbonate or Total Hardness which measures the

concentration of dissolved Calcium and Magnasium salts

in water.


What causes the most common problem of Salt Sediment

is Total Hardness.The best sourse of soft water derives

from rain and snow.

The water in the Amazon Rainforests is actually very soft


However,the great issue of drinking water and its

hardness is not considered as a contaminant.

Nowadays,the view point that the water with no Calcium

or Magnesium Salts may be harmful for the human

organism is established more and more,because of its

large flowing into our cells.That is why sea fish would

die if we tried to relocate them into distilled water;

because their red cells would be destroyed.

Extensive studies over the last years in very large

samples of the population have confirmed the view that

consumption of rich in Calcium and Magnesium Salts

drinking water has beneficial effects on the

Cardiovascular System and not only.

In areas where water is hard ,the cases of Cardiovascular

diseases appear to be on a decrease.Recently the World

Health Organisation introduced a research committee in

order to define the necessity of the presence of Calcium

and Magnesium in drinking water.

Below we briefly present some conclusions:

The World Health Organisation held an International 

Convention about how Calcium and Magnesium in 

drinking water can affect human health.In this

convention where approximately 200 medical researchers

were invited and participated,studies were presented

which indicated a possible connection between the

insufficient consumption of Magnesium and the increased

inclination towards heart diseases,high blood pressure

and even diabetes type 2,since many people who live in

areas where the water is rich in minerals have had low

percentages of heart attacks and high blood pressure.

(Source:Water Technology News,April 2006).

The World Health Organisation has come to the conclusion

that the longlasting consumption of distilled water can

lead to mineral insufficiency and generally health


Therefore,it seems that the water in its natural form

enriched with all its trace-elements such as Calcium,

Magnesium,Pottasium is what human organisms during

the last hundreds of thousands of years of their develop-

ment have adjusted themselves to drinking.





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